I Just Make People Up: Ramblings with Clark Walker

Foster Dickson’s I Just Make People Up: Ramblings with Clark Walker is available from NewSouth Books in two editions: a standard edition for $45 or a signed, numbered edition for $75. Foster is available for book signings and for talks about Walker, his art, and his influence.

From the publisher’s description:

The life and work of painter Clark Walker have had their effects on Montgomery, Alabama. Based on a series of conversations with Foster Dickson when the two men were neighbors, this book uses Walker’s life and art as prisms to look at creativity, relationships, the ways of seeing, the nature of community, and the meaning of everything. 

From the Alabama Writers Forum’s review of the book:

This is a gorgeous coffee table book. Elegantly square, not the most comfortable shape to hold, it might be more perused than read—which would be a shame, as Foster Dickson’s narrative biography of Clark Walker is a triumph of the as-told-to style of writing.

To contact Foster Dickson about this title, use the form below:

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